Dinner Scene - The House in the Cerulean Sea
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Journeys of Trees - Earphones AwardDaniel Henning
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Earphones Award Winner
Non Fiction DemoDaniel Henning
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Animation CharactersDaniel Henning
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Fiction DemoDaniel Henning
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Live Action CharactersDaniel Henning
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Below are individual Fiction & Non Fiction samples of Daniel's Narration.

He has a home studio and produces as well as narrates audiobooks.

Daniel is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.

Daniel's AUDIBLE Page is HERE

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"Daniel Henning is a great narrator for this quirky and theatrical audiobook. Henning revels in a cornucopia of characters, diving into nuanced voices and colorful moments with accents and growls, tone shifts and whispers. The contemporary touches keep the story humorously timely, and Henning's delivery is welcoming or satirical when necessary. Some characters are so well developed through Henning's vocal stylings that they inspire laugh-out-loud moments. "

Audiofile Magazine Review (June 2020) of The House in the Cerulean Sea

"Daniel Henning provides nimble, versatile narration, clearly having fun voicing a variety of magical creatures."

School Library Journal review of The House in the Cerulean Sea


"A surprisingly delightful audiobook... a compelling listening experience. Part of the credit goes to Daniel Henning's lively narration. He animates this fascinating collection of stories and scientific studies at a steady pace and gives a nuanced performance.."

Audiofile Magazine Review (Feb 2021) of The Journeys of Trees

"Performed with grace and care, Daniel Henning's outstanding narration of this fine biography reveals, warts and all, the larger-than-life James Beard. Henning narrates with intelligence at a good pace, and he gives the elegant prose its due. This is an audiobook filled with luscious descriptions of places, meals, and people."

Audiofile Magazine Review (March 2021) of The Man Who Ate Too Much

"Daniel Henning's wry tone and suspenseful pacing match the high stakes of Sass's adventurous island mystery. Henning builds tension as secrets and murder throw the island into chaos. Through humor, honesty, and deft characterizations, Henning heightens the fear and hope in Sass's narrative as painful and profound moments reflect Connor's growing self-confidence as a leader."

Audiofile Magazine Review (January 2021) of Surrender Your Sons

"Henning has just the right touch of humor and enthusiasm... this lively recording is as entertaining as it is informative."

ALA Booklist Review (Dec 2020)  of A Walk Around the Block

"Listeners might chuckle along as Daniel Henning gives voice to Spike Carlson's indignant feelings about a frozen water line. Henning's tone of self-deprecation might strike a chord with listeners as Carlson discovers he doesn't know how water gets to his faucets... Henning brings listeners into Carlson's feelings of confidence, then embarrassment, as his recycling habits are audited.  Henning becomes an energetic candidate as Carlson puts forth a tree's campaign speech, proving its value."

Audiofile Magazine Review (Dec 2020) of A Walk Around the Block

"Daniel Henning gives a compelling narration of this dark fantasy novella. Henning fully commits to this tale, providing a nearly breathless and deliciously evil-sounding narration while also developing unique voices and presenting surprisingly layered characters. The story is well served by Henning's theatrical performance."

Audiofile Magazine Review (2019) of The Monster of Elendhaven

"Easy on the ear, Henning sounds interested and educational; he entertains by highlighting the material presented without calling unnecessary attention to his delivery. The result is a lively production that will stick with listeners..."

Audiofile Magazine Review (Feb 2020) of Secondhand

MindfulnessAudible Studios
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BusinessHarvard Business Review
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Social Justice MemoirDreamscape
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PsychologyCitadel Press
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History MemoirHarvey Milk
00:00 / 03:00
Real Estate AdviceRecorded Books Inc
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BusinessRecorded Books Inc
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Urban WildlifeHumorous
00:00 / 01:43
HistoryRecorded Books Inc.
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PsychologyRecorded Books Inc
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Self Help"For Dummies"
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My MemoirHumorous
00:00 / 02:31
Memoir Alec GuinnessBritish Accent
00:00 / 01:26

Guinness' story is about Daniel at age 12. Listen to Daniel's memoir sample for more fun

Humor FantasyMultiple Characters
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Teen Novel - First PersonAudible
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Fantasy HumorDialogue NY
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Military Romance3rd Person
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Supernatural RodeoWestern Accent
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Baseball Romance 3rd Person
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LGBT RomanceDual POV - A, 30s
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Sci-Fi HumorWestern, Robot Voice
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Gothic Horror - DialogueMacmillan
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Teen Short StoryNarration Nostalgic
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Space OperaHumor Narration
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Teen NovelM/F Dialogue
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YA Drag Queen, Dialogue
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LGBT RomanceDual POV - B, 20s
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